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Tours in Puglia

What you can visit in Minervino Murge and around

Casa Pistacchio B&B a Minervino MurgeThe scenic “Balcony over Puglia” holds a charming old town and the sacred San Michele Arcangelo Grotto.

Minervino Murge is a scenic town 24 km west of Andria, 500 meters above sea level, with an amazing overview on the Ofanto Valley, the Alta Murgia National Park and nearby Basilicata.

The heart of the old town is Borgo Scesciola, a fascinating labyrinth of tangled alleyways and tuff arches, overlooked by the white façades of ancient buildings. In Piazza Bovio, the Renaissance contour of the Assunta Cathedral stands out amongst the Palazzo Vescovile and the bell tower, with the elegant architecture of the Clarisse Monastery, Palazzo Caputi, the San Francesco Church with the Confraternita del Purgatorio, the Palazzo Baronale and the Castle.

Casa Pistacchio B&B a Minervino MurgeAt the foot of the town, rock carved by the local creeks, the Grotto of San Michele Arcangelo is a world renowned place of worship since times immemorial, with its stately neoclassical portal.

A local staple is the famous Cardoncello mushroom variety, celebrated in street festivals especially in late October, while traditional Minervino pastries are made of exquisite Marzipan.

Casa Pistacchio B&B a Minervino MurgeAt the foot of the village, the Grotto of San Michele Arcangelo has been a place of worship for more than a thousand years by the inhabitants of Minervino, and not only. This fascinating karstic cavity was carved into the rock by ancient creeks, surrounded by the extraordinary scenery of Alta Murgia. The stunning Neoclassical portal and the frescoed vault, the imposing stone staircase, the columns and the marble statue of the Archangel are a grandiose celebration of San Michele: on September 29, during the Patronal feast, and on May 8, with the ceremony in the rock church, this town attains a picturesque atmosphere.

Minervino Murge is the undisputed center of the Cardoncello mushroom. The right occasion to taste it is the traditional late October festival, served with tasty sausages. Another typical preparation is Marzipan: bakeries and pastry shops have many variations, with delicious almonds and lemons grown in the surrounding countryside.

Cycle paths in Puglia

Puglia attracts thousands of two-wheel enthusiasts every year. With a view to eco-compatible development and a bike-friendly attitude, since 2013 the Region has recognized and promoted a development of cycling mobility, which includes strategic objectives and actions to support the creation of an integrated system of cycle paths throughout the Apulian territory.

Casa Pistacchio is the ideal place to stop during your bike tour. For info: Scoprire la Puglia in bici